About us

As individual members of the Housing Equality Movement, and through joint efforts, we – Who Builds the City, A11 – Initiative for Economic and Social Rights, Joint Action Roof Over Head, Ministry of Space and Housing Center – are committed, in the direction of operationalization of these requirements, to:

  • work to unite all interested and relevant actors in the fight for adequate, safe and affordable housing for all;
  • monitor and share all information related to bad or good practice of institutions, changes in housing regulations, housing problems faced by citizens, but also possible implemented solutions and mechanisms in other countries that have the potential to be applied in our context;
  • work on constant advocacy for systemic measures that contribute to provision of adequate, safe and affordable housing for all;
  • work to gather and use all our own and available resources, in order to improve the housing situation of as many people as possible, outside of institutions (through activist work).


We invite everyone who would like to join the fight for universal access to affordable, adequate and safe housing to join us individually or through their organizations and initiatives!